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Massage has long been recognised for its benefits in healing of mind, body and spirit. The Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans are amongst some of the major civilisations who recognised the healing effects of massage. Massage can help to relieve muscle tension and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

Sports massage is a type of massage therapy that has been specifically developed for sports performance. This type of massage is applied at a much deeper level into the tissues in order to stimulate the muscular and nervous systems. Your therapist can adapt the application of the sports massage to your specific needs whether you are preparing for an event or need assistance with recovery post-event.

At Achilles Heel Clinic our massage therapists are all appropriately qualified with the relevant qualifications and insurance cover.


With hard training athletes are prone to developing overuse injuries. Regular sports massage is a great way to help avoid developing injuries. As athletes train regularly tension can begin to build up in the muscles which may then affect the joint mobility. This may then cause excessive stress on the ligaments, joints and tendons and the muscular system itself. If left undiagnosed this may eventually lead to pain and affect the athlete's performance. A skilled massage therapists can detect these tissue changes through touch and by manipulating and mobilising the soft tissues they can help restore balance to the area.


At your first Sports Massage consultation you will be asked to complete a short form providing personal details, any relevant medical conditions and any previous injuries you may have experienced. Your massage therapists will then speak with you at the start of your session to determine exactly what your needs are from the visit. You may be asked to remove some clothing depending on the area which needs to be worked on. We will provide shorts if necessary and during the treatment your therapist will ensure your dignity and comfort is maintained at all times. Sports massage can be a little uncomfortable however it shouldn't be painful and your therapist will continually ask you if the treatment is too deep or perhaps not deep enough in order to ensure that you are getting the most from your appointment.

Appointments last for 45 minutes. This allows the massage therapist to give a much thorough treatment and enables them to focus on particularly troublesome areas. During the session your therapist will be constantly assessing for areas of muscle imbalance or tightness, trigger points or areas of tissue thickness. Your therapist will then discuss whether or not further sessions are necessary. During the appointment your therapist may feel it necessary for you to be referred onto another health professional if the problem does not seem straightforward. Our clinicians are always on the look out for your best interests. If they don't feel that your symptoms are improving after a course of massage appointments they will discuss what the next course of action would be to help resolve any problems. Courses of massage can typically last 4-6 appointments performed once a week however this is just a guide as everyone's needs are different.

Sports Massage Prices

£50 for 45 minutes

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