Initial Consultation + First Check up £120 Check ups £30 (Change of meal plan +£20)

Tatiana is a registered Nutritionist based in Scotland, UK. Originally from Venice, Italy, she achieved her honours degree at the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh. A licensed professional with the British Association for Nutrition (AfN), Tatiana knows the metabolic processes, and is able to recognise the effects of an excess or deficiency in malnutrition.

Interests - Pilates, food, coffee

Qualifications - BSc in Nutrition

Achilles Heel Sports Injury
& Physiotherapy Clinic

A Registered Nutritionist is a licensed professional with British Association for Nutrition (AfN), who knows the metabolic processes, and is able to recognise the effects of an excess or deficiency malnutrition.

This means that they have to undergo rigorous training and demonstrate fitness to practice to remain on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN), a register of competent, qualified nutrition professionals who meet their rigorously applied standards for scientifically sound evidence-based nutrition and its use in practice. The UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists is the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England and the NHS.

In drawing up the food plans, the nutritionist takes into account the physiological and pathological conditions, the age range and health status, among other factors.

With the help of the nutritionist, you can start a process of improving psychophysical well-being, which starts with a healthy and proper diet.

Services offered

Our Nutritional consultations are designed for the following needs:

  • Obesity and overweight in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly
  • Eating disorders from a nutritional point of view only*, to help the delicate and gradual food re-education
  • Intolerant and allergic subjects
  • Vegan and vegetarian nutrition
  • Sports nutrition designed for each discipline
  • Excessive thinness and endocrine disorders, woman health
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Menopause and old age, regulating nutrition and hormonal status
  • Gut health, bloating, stipsi, eczema, diarrhoea

And for each confirmed pathologies:

  • Dyslipidemia
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Celiac disease
  • IBD, IBS, Crohn’s disease
  • Acid Reflux, GERD
  • Endometriosis

What to expect on your first consultation

The first consultation last circa 60 min. During this, Medical, Family and Nutritional history together with anthropometric measurements (height, weight, circumferences) are analysed and a goal is established. Daily habits, taste and food preferences are investigated to be able to create a highly adaptable plan that reflects the patient’s nutritional habits and needs.

After the first consultation a meal plan is created and will be sent to you electronically within 7 working days. It will be structured following 7 days worth of meal combinations, but can actually be followed for longer as it is structured in a way that includes all food groups on a rotational bases. This way ALL food groups are included in a balanced manner, with indications on when to eat certain foods and in combination with what. It’s a plan based on food alternatives, so that you can swap foods in meals freely, while still following the right guidelines for yourself.

It’s based on a food re-education approach, which means that while you follow the actual plan, you are learning how and what to eat as well. This has the aim of enabling you to slowly determine your own food choices, a knowledge that will remain with you forever.

The First Follow up is included. We will book a follow up appointment after 5 weeks from the first consultation.

The check up visits will allow you to follow the plan consistently without feeling alone, and are needed to fill in any doubts and questions you might have along the way.

Sports nutrition Intolerances & allergies Gut health Pregnancy & breastfeeding Vegan & vegetarian nutrition Menopause & old age Digestive issues Weight management Meal planning


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