norda™ - Inspired by Canada’s Toughest Conditions

When you first hear that Canadian footwear brand norda™ was created by a pair of endurance athletes (with plenty of experience in some of the world’s toughest running conditions) you know you’re about to see something special.

Willamina and Nick Martire, the creators and visionaries behind norda™, have decades of footwear industry experience under their belts, and yet still found that the perfect combination of fit, material technology, cushioning and grip didn’t seem to exist in the world of trail running.

norda™ 001 is the world’s first seamless, lightest, trail running shoe made with Dyneema, a superlight and strong fiber.

norda trail running

Upper - woven with bio-based Dyneema® for the highest performance and abrasion resistance. It’s the world’s strongest and lightest fibre™ to deliver the best possible performance, with the lowest environmental footprint.

Laces - diamond design pattern with bio-based Dyneema®, they are 100% recycled and are 4x stronger than a standard lace.

Hi-Vis Reflective - front to rear for 360° visibility

Midsole Cushioning - Engineered with Vibram® SLE to provide the lightest weight and highest performance. It’s best-in-class for cushioning performance and durability.

Soleplate - Inspired by the rock formation of the Canadian Shield. Vibram® Litebase® technology conserves energy and enhances your performance with a 30% reduction in overall sole weight. Vibram® Mega Grip® rubber delivers superior durability, traction and the strongest grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Insole - custom designed TPU for the highest possible energy absorption and return. Ultra-light and comfortable sock, gusset construction for the ultimate fit.

norda trail running

We are also excited about the launch of the winterized G+ 001 model, which features carbide tipped steel spikes in the soleplate. Look out for this model later in the year.

Their shoes are the ultimate mix of performance and aesthetics, but norda™ also aim to prove that sustainability should always run in tandem too.

Each pair of their shoes is cut by lasers and stitched by hand, eschewing standard mass-production techniques and helping the brand to keep sustainability at the forefront of their business. The new exclusive 2022 norda™ 001 upper material is another breakthrough: It is sustainably made with bio-based Dyneema® and now with recycled Cordura® nylon.

norda 001 running shoes

“From the very beginning the norda™️ mission has been about helping every runner love every run. We do this by empowering them to push their individual performance further than they thought possible.  But we also do this by ensuring we can all live up to our collective responsibility to protect exactly what makes trail-running so spectacular: the natural world we run through.”

norda™ will be available in-store & online in March 2022. 

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