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Go off the beaten track and hit the trails with our collection of off-road running brands, including Brooks, Hoka, On, Salomon & Saucony and Nike for men and women.

We also stock a wide range of trail running accessories including ultra packs and all weather kit.

Trail Accessories & Kit

Trail Running Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is trail running?

    When you step off the paved road onto another surface varying from woodland paths to gravel tracks. Inner city parks to country parks, it all counts. Roots, rocks and mud are a few things you will encounter underfoot on route.

  • Any specialist kit required?

    It really depends on how far you will be venturing plus the conditions on the day. Trail running is more adventurous and takes some extra preparation to make it safer and more enjoyable. Here's a few items to consider; trail running shoes, lightweight running pack, head torch, waterproof jacket, beanie and gloves.

  • Why go trail running?

    It's fun, it's liberating and physically challenging with lots of rewards. The sense of freedom experienced running off-road is unique and worth the effort in it's own right.