Cross Country Running Spikes 2018

Autumn is upon us, it must be time for some cross country running craziness. This year’s XC running spikes have landed, we are ready, are you?

The tricky terrain-loving cross country spike differs from its smooth operator track friend in a few ways: the cross country spike is more flexible, has a more textured rubber outsole for greater durability and is more cushioned than a track spike.  This type of spike is also less concerned with getting the wearer on their toes so has less of a forward angled construction.

The upper as a whole on a cross country spike tends to be a bit more robust than that of a track spike, with the toe box in particular offering greater protection.


There are variations between brands on the number of spike receptacles on the outsole plate, ranging from 4-6 spike pins.

This is an important element of the spikes construction considering the impact upon the amount of traction offered, which in cross country racing is vital. It would be terrible to fall over and get all muddy.

While some models are unisex and some brands offer gender specific options, these will have slight differences in width and weight but primarily be of the same overall design.

Here’s a few 2018 models to get you going cross country crazy.

Nike Zoom Rival XC – Unisex & Women’s – £65

adidas XCS – Men’s & Women’s – £60

Brooks Mach 18 XC – Men’s – £60

Brooks Mach 18 XC – Women’s – £60

Nike Zoom Rival XC – Unisex & Women’s – £65

There you have it! Whether you rate traction, weight of the spike, comfort of the upper or aesthetics with such a great selection you are sure to find one that appeals.


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