ah...thats how you find the perfect fit

Visiting our running shop in Glasgow is different for every customer. That’s because we treat every customer individually. We take it step by step to find the right kit for you.

Our in-store gait analysis / shoe fitting service is complimentary and no appointment is required - just drop in.

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On your marks…

We start off by getting to know you. We’ll have a bit of a chat to find out how, where and when you run and what you’re aiming to achieve. 

Get set…

As part of the running shoe fitting process we'll ask you to do some walking and a few leg dips. It’s not some kind of weird initiation. It is part of the gait analysis process, and it helps us see how your legs and feet function.

If we think it would further inform us to see your feet operate on the run, we’ll pop you on the treadmill, record you running, then analyse the footage (no pun intended). It can help to fine tune our judgment of which shoe type we think would be best for you. Besides where else are you going to get the chance to study your own stride in minute detail?

Running Shop Glasgow - Find the right fit
Running Shoes Glasgow - Gait Analysis


Taking a good old look at your feet and legs allows us to form a good idea about which shoe category we think would be best for you. Whatever type of shoe you need, we’ll get you to try as many pairs as we have in store to find the right one.

We might also get you on that treadmill again, to see how the shoes perform. We might even suggest a home trial. Wear the shoes indoors for a few days to get a proper feel for them. If you like them, hit the road. If you don’t, bring them back and we’ll sort out something else. 

Best foot forward

Whatever your pace, whatever your sport, we’re here to help you find your running feet. Not to mention the brilliant advice and ideas you’ll get from our super-friendly team.