We'll Beat Any Price

If you find a better price we will beat it by £1 online - provided:

  • It is the same model, colour and size
  • Goods are in stock in that size at the other retailer
  • We have the product in stock and available for delivery
  • We are able to verify the offer
  • The other retailer must be basing their discounted price on the correct RRP

Please note that any price match request must include the other retailer's delivery charge.

Please email us clearly stating the following details:

  • Your name and delivery postcode
  • The price and product that you are interested in purchasing (model, colour and size)
  • The URL of the Internet site offering a better price

Once the price is verified either by written evidence (e.g. advert, quotation, dated screen print etc.) or verbally from our competitors we will email you a discount code to use when placing your order. We aim to reply to your email within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). The discount code is limited to one product per customer and must be used within 1 working day of the date of our email. Please note that the price promise does not apply to sales once they have been confirmed.


  • Warehouse clubs or any retail club requiring membership
  • Special offers or discount for multiple purchases
  • Prices from auction sites or stores trading outside the UK
  • High street stores (online stores only)
  • Cash back offers
  • Promotional voucher discounts