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Maurten Gel 100

Re-stock of Maurten Gel 100. Available in packs of 12 or as single gels, ideal for testing on your training runs before the big day. Pick 'em up in-store & online.   ‘This is the world’s first energy gel. It’s a bold statement. But nonetheless true. From a technical perspective, traditional gels are water and carbohydrates simply mixed into syrups, often containing added flavors and preservatives. The GEL 100 is completely different. It’s a biopolymer matrix, filled with a unique blend of fructose and glucose (ratio of 0.8:1) which enables uptakes of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour.’

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Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel

Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel – Carbohydrate-rich fuel for endurance sports, based on natural ingredients for energy, hydration and recovery.  Maurten, proud holders of the ‘world’s fastest sport drink’ title. That we can’t argue after checking out the numbers. In 2015, Maurten discovered how to make sports fuels easier to tolerate by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. The sports fuels, based on five natural ingredients, became popular and one year later some of the world’s best runners embraced Maurten sports drinks. The hydrogel technology has enabled Maurten to redefine the field of sports fuel. First out are the sports...

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