Coached Running Group

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If you're local, you don't have to run on your own, just pop down to our Glasgow running store and join our friendly running group. Run with us on two evenings throughout the week with our coached running group and make your running better.

Our Coached Group

Meet: achilles heel, 593 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, G12 8HX
When: 6pm every Monday & Wednesday
Coach: Stefan
Contact: 0141 342 5722
Price: £3 per session


Coach and manager Stefan is the man behind the motivation of this sprightly bunch of fitness and running enthusiasts. Coach Stef offers a tailored and well structured training session with all levels of abilities kept in mind. So, whether you're completely new to running or you're chasing that sub 40 minute 10k time Stef will be at hand to help, encourage and advise.

Every session is different

Every session is always mixed and a little different to the next. Incorporating interval runs, hill sessions, stair climbs, endurance runs, running specific body weight exercises and sometimes a combination of a few, this group will continue to challenge you as your fitness improves. Running form and technique is one of Stef's favourite areas to focus on.

achilles heel running groupEvery 8 to 10 weeks Stef will organise a timed 5k run that is used as a fitness test to gauge improvements. The 5k route carefully mapped out never disappoints and will always put your fitness to the test.

Expect nothing less than a warm welcome and a well guided training session around Glasgow's West End. 

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